Celebrating the Day of Vyshyvanka

The Monopack Company with Ukrainians all over the world celebrated the Vyshyvanka Day at the May 21, 2020. Vyshyvanka is a national embroidered shirt. This is a symbol that unites Ukrainians regardless of language and place where they live.

Vyshyvanka is not a simple outfit of Ukrainians! This is a special cloth for each of us, because this is a festive dress, it proudly defines Ukrainian people!

In the ornament you can see traces of the history of our country and the history of many generations.

In addition, vyshyvanka is used as a talisman to protect the person wearing it.  Was believed, that a geometric pattern embroidered in red and black threads having the power to protect a person from all harm.

The holiday itself stimulates every conscious citizen of Ukraine to a very simple act – just wear vyshyvanka before going to work or study.

The employees of the company “Monopack” congratulates all of you on a wonderful holiday of original, unique and colorful Ukrainian culture – Happy Vyshyvanka Day!!!

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