2021 Sailing Regatta

June 19, 2021 The MONOPAK company traditionally gathered its employees for a sailing regatta.

Magnificent landscape, fresh air, splashing waves, thirst for victory, and the yachts did their job.

This year 9 yachts with captains and our staff were sailing.

Although the participants are not professional sportsmen, the 2021 Sailing Regatta was held in full compliance with the rules.
So, an exciting moment – a solemn raising of the flag, a greeting speech, and … The sailing regatta has begun.

The way was not easy: it gave someone the opportunity to feel like a brave captain, and someone an inexperienced cabin boy. But undoubtedly, it  awakened the brightest feelings in us: Decisiveness, Courage, Valor, Commanding Teamwork, Effectiveness.
After all, waves obey only such persons!
The yachts have finished. The most anticipated moment has come – the award ceremony.
Each participant of the Sailing Regatta received a medal of the participant, the winners – a cup, but the most important thing is emotions.

Excellent weather, as ordered, made it possible to fully experience the luxury of summer days, swim in the rays of the scorching sun and enjoy communicating with colleagues.

In the meantime, employees of the “MONOPACK” Company are sharing fresh emotions, we are already thinking about the next corporate event.

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