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Production of cones for ice cream, flexible packaging, polypropylene and shrink, sleeve labels.


MONOPAСK is one of the leaders in the production of flexible packaging, shrink, sleeve labels and polypropylene labels in Ukraine. Since 2017, the direction of production of packaging-cone for ice cream has been actively developing.

Ukrainian market leader

MONOPAСK covers more than 10% of the Ukrainian market of flexible packaging and propylene labels and occupies a leading position in their sale.

3000 tons of production per year

MONOPACK annually ships to Partners in Ukraine and other countries more than 3000 tons of labels, packaging and other products.

More than 15 partner countries

Our partners are located in Ukraine, China, the United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt, South Korea, and Turkey. We are actively expanding the geography of our supplies.

More than 80 employees

The staff of the company MONOPACK - more than 80 specialized professionals: technologists, typographers, managers and other employees.

Experienced specialists will provide your order with high-quality performance at all stages of its passage.

The best gradations and tones, high color saturation, stable quality, high speed and productivity.

All materials, which we used, and raw materials meets with European standards and food safety standards.

Our production complex covers an area of 2500 square meters and includes a fleet of modern powerful equipment.

We execute orders quickly and on time regarding to a developed and implemented system of effective time management.

Quality control is carried out at all stages of preparation - from the selection of suppliers of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to the Client.

We have produced in 2009-2019

kilograms of flexible packaging and labels

7 947 847.29

flexible packaging, kg

2 941 994 809

polypropylene labels, pcs

540 420 558

shrink, sleeve labels, pcs

20 000 000

packaging cones for ice cream, pcs

Была очень рада работать с командой МОНОПАК. Мне отвечали немедленно, когда у нас возникали вопросы или срочные задачи, отгрузки совершались вовремя; и мы стали отличными деловыми партнерами. В результате я рекомендовала их услуги многим коллегам.

Елена Томасенко
бренд-менеджер Coca-Cola Dnipro

МОНОПАК - потрясающая компания! Я был очень впечатлен их работой. Эти ребята невероятно ответственны, с ними легко работать. Настоящие профессионалы. Обслуживание было превосходным. Мой проект был выполнен вовремя и на высшем уровне.

Петр Дядченко
бренд-менеджер ОАО Брусничка

Моя компания запустила полностью обновленный дизайн упаковки, и мы весьма довольны тем, каким продукт получился на выходе, и нашим опытом сотрудничества с МОНОПАК. Благодаря использованию современных технологий результат превзошел наши ожидания.

Николай Никуленский
генеральный директор ООО «Ласкаво»

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Our technology

Our company uses the most advanced technologies of prepress, printing and post-printing processes.

In the production of packaging and labels, we use the intaglio printing method, which allows us to obtain exceptional image quality and reasonable price of the product in circulation.

At each production stage, strict quality control is performed.

We Call Back

We are trusted to make packaging

Our partners are large Ukrainian, European and international manufacturers of food, beverages, confectionery products, spices, snacks, household chemicals, etc.