Retort packaging

Retort packaging – a profitable alternative to rigid packaging
Retort packaging (Retort- pouch) is a soft food packaging, which is an excellent alternative to the usual cans. This type of packaging (pouches) perfectly preserves the quality of products for a long period. Retort packaging (retort pouch) are used for products requiring sterilization, such as: porridge, stew, canned goods, soups, sauces, baby food (vegetable and fruit mash, soups, pasta, as well as cereals, meat, pate), animal feed. Quick preparation is the main advantage of such dishes.

Retort packaging (retort pouches) usage has the following benefits and advantages:

  • High barrier properties, avoid light and gases penetration;
  • Products’ shelf life increasing without loss in qualitiy and properties.
  • High safety of products in their natural condition without risk of loss of moisture;
  • Preserves natural smell and taste of products;
  • High thermal stability (both to high and low temperatures);
  • High resistance to shocks, cracks, punctures, bends and other mechanical damages, which reduces risks of loss in external view;
  • Profitable in logistics and warehousing;
  • Profitable in production;
  • Increases the area of information application – all over the surface;
  • Wide range of sizes and design (possibility to produce an individual package).

Composites and different structures

Retort packaging (Retort pouch) consist of several laminated layers suitable for high temperatures during sterilization in autoclaves. The most common type of retort package consists of the following laminated layers used for different purposes:

PET – polyethylene terephthalate (glossy or matte) resistant to outside impact film, which can be printed on the inside surface).
Аl – aluminum foil. Used as a barrier layer which does not transmit light and gases, and also serves as protection of products from static accumulation).
ВOPA – biaxially oriented polyamide film (nylon – protects packaging from micro-punctures, arising from multiple wrinkles or folds. In the production of animal feed, as a rule, this layer is not used due to packaing’ small size, however, in case of human food production with big shelf life (1 year and more) this nylon barrier layer is recommended).
CPP – cast polypropylene film. Used as a sealing layer, it is heat-sealable, strong, and protective layer against the migration of polymers into the product).