Promo packaging production

  • Making a promo code.
  • Production of tape on the package with promotional terms.

The use of promotional packaging has the following benefits:

  • Increase product sales by attracting and further communication between the brand
    and the consumer;
  • Possibility of choosing the size and color of a 10-digit promotional code in
    accordance with customer’s wishes.

Promo packing types


The use of two-sided printing on polypropylene, pearly film makes it possible to produce such a product as a tape with promotional terms. With good heat-sealing properties, the tape is soldered to the packaging, which also has a heat-welding layer. With the promotional tape, the consumer can get information to participate in the drawing, which increases the sales of the product.


Packaging with a promo code is a powerful tool for attracting consumers to promotional games and promotions. The promotional code stimulates certain actions, activates the communication between the brand and the consumer and increases the sales of products.