Corporate culture

We are able to achieve all ambitious goals and serious tasks thanks to a close-knit team of like-minded people who are capable, and most importantly, willing to achieve their goals.

Today “MONOPAK” is a promising and dynamically developing enterprise and right now our corporate culture and values is what is the main collaboration.

We adhere to the following philosophy of working with staff:

  • Each employee of the company is part of a large whole. The company appreciates each of its employees.
  • Each employee shares the values of the company and is committed to the constant quality of their work.
  • Our team works in a successful and dynamic company, and we are proud of it.

Our values

Customer focus

We are able to create an additional stream of customers and additional profits of the company due to a deep understanding and satisfaction of customer needs.


We strive and are able to improve the work performed and its results constantly.


Our Company is a single team that works for a common result. We act on the basis of the principle of mutual assistance, we coordinate all our decisions and actions with the common goals of our company.


The basis of our reputation and trust in our company is the quality of our products and services, which ensured by professionalism, quality


We strive to achieve the best results at the best possible cost. To achieve this, we want to ensure high productivity, prompt and accurate execution of the tasks

Corporate news

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