XX National competition for the best packaging “Ukrainian star pack 2018”

In 2018, MONOPACK took part in the XX National Competition for the best packaging for «Zhuvilend»  sweets and received a special award from the IAC “Packaging” for ergonomics.

Reverse rotogravure print with selective application of matt lacquer on the front side gives the package aesthetic appeal and protective properties.

The laconic design of the vector, as well as the selective transparent box in the package, give the consumer the opportunity to evaluate the product before it is purchased.

Velvety matting on a white background creates an illusion of the purity and quality of candy.

Exquisite simplicity of packaging gives it elegance and is a marketing move that does not distract the consumer from the product itself, but at the same time, does not remain unnoticed among a wide range.

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