20 years of reliable partnership

20 years! Is that long or short? Definitely, it is a significant date for setting up production but for the formation of the whole enterprise – it is a small period of time. Every single day is an additional experience, every year – is wisdom.

MONOPACK company has grown not only physically, but also replenished the current production with new machinery, innovated new production technologies, found reliable partners and high quality suppliers, expanded staff and own horizons.

There’s been a lot of going through and doing, as much as developed with insane power – all about MONOPACK company!

We would like to congratulate everyone who was and who is related to the formation of the company. We wish you amazing development and constant movement forward and upward.

Never rest on your laurels! Prosperity and primacy, to ensure that all competitors are far behind, with no chance of rapprochement.

Let our Company inspire pride and respect, desire to work in our team and improvement or everyone.

Congratulations to us and wish us stability, reliability, confidence in the future, excellent prospects and a huge scope in business! We all work as a single mechanism, so we wish health and love for our common cause!