Which was 2022 for “MONOPACK” company

The year began with big plans for the future, meetings with clients, agreements on new volumes, new opportunities, new types of flexible packaging production.

Goals were set, strategy was developed, technical and production tasks were laid, KPI was formed, and on February 24 all plans and hopes were crushed by the terrorist state.

It was hard, it was terrible, it was painful, it was doubtful about the future, but the thirst for life, development, support of the state and economy of the country were stronger than fear. The desire to exist and develop became the driving force of the management of the company “MONOPACK”, which was able to motivate the team and pass the spirit of struggle and achievement of the set goals. The company was able to keep the team of professionals and specialists in their field. The company’s values ​​were revised, they were closely intertwined with universal values. The team became more united, empathetic and attentive to each other.

The company continued its activities, providing the food and pharmaceutical sectors with consumer raw materials in the conditions of lockdowns, blackouts, crises and martial law in the country. Faced with new challenges every day, overcoming new obstacles, solving new problems every day, the company “MONOPAСK” was able to adapt and now builds strategies for 2023 taking into account any scenario. It is impossible to be 100% confident in the future, but the company “MONOPAСK” believes that the challenges of 2023 will be able to overcome as boldly and confidently as in 2022.