World Vyshyvanka Day 2023

Ukrainian Vyshyvanka is not just festive clothes. From immemorial time a shirt embroidered by a wife or a mother was considered a powerful amulet from misfortunes: each stitch retained love and warmth of the soul.

Each region of Ukraine has its own traditions of Vyshyvanka and the symbolism of ornaments. The only thing remains unchanged: Vyshyvanka is a part of the genetic code of Ukrainians.

World Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday aimed at preserving ancient folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered Ukrainian clothing. The event is not only national but also international. It is celebrated by Ukrainians living in different countries of the world. It reminds of the importance of preserving national identity and cultural traditions.

Vyshyvanka Day has a special significance in 2023 as Ukrainians are forced to defend their national authenticity and fight for it, giving their lives. Dressed Vyshyvanka on May 18 th became a symbol of the invincibility of Ukrainian spirit, a statement to the whole world that Ukrainians are free people.