Ukrainian – the code of the Ukrainian nation

Every year in mid-May, Ukrainians celebrate Vyshyvanka Day – a bright and traditional holiday dedicated to our national clothes – the clothes of free, unconquered people. The history of Ukrainian vyshyvanka has many centuries, and the number of various patterns and techniques can not be counted.

The best way to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day is to wear a national costume to work or study. The purpose of this holiday is to popularize the wearing of vyshyvanka as an everyday outfit, because vyshyvanka primarily symbolizes national pride, beauty and unity, so this holiday is of great importance for many people.

For example, for the “MONOPAСK” Company, this is not just an annual tradition, but a whole ritual that, seemingly with one gesture, leads to team cohesion of the team, honoring the values of our ancestors and actualizing modern values such as will, independence, peace and tranquility.

No wonder they say that Ukrainian vyshyvanka is a miracle, it contains the code of the people, the code of its soul. So, let’s protect our miracle and remember at what cost we get it every day.