Holy holiday of Easter

Among the traditional holidays in Ukrainian cultureis the Easter. It is considered the brightest, mostimportant holiday of spring and associate it with theResurrection of Christ. This is a special holidaywhen Ukrainians follow traditions and believe in a miracle.

The main attributes of the Easter table are Eastereggs and Easter cakes. The egg is a symbol of lifeand miraculous resurrection. In icon painting, theresurrected Jesus was surrounded by a radiancesimilar in shape to an egg. Krashankas are creditedwith healing properties.

Decorating Easter eggs has become a specialtradition for Ukrainians. Some are used to painting Easter eggs, others – to paint in bright colors, others decorate Easter eggs with shrink labels. A large variety of Easter shrink labels produced by MONOPAСK Company will give you a wonderful festive mood, and incredible ease of use will allow you to decorate a lot of eggs for a large family in a short time.